Wilkes Barre, PA-  Kathy Boyland has been hit with a bit of irony this past week after her 18 year old son left for college. Ms. Boyland was a firm believer in her son focuses on his grades and would get upset when he would “waste” his time playing videos games.

“I would get pissed at him, daily, he always seem to be on that box thing and not focusing on his school work.” Said Ms. Boyland

“I remember one night I snapped out on him, I told him he had no future in video games and would never get into a college or amount to anything by playing them. I told him he was an idiot and would end up being homeless with no education or job.” said Ms. Boyland

Her son, Brian Boyland, left for college this past week were he is attending Boise State University.

While Brian’s grade were okay, it was his competitive gaming reputation that gave him a full ride to the university. Brian is set to join the Boise State varsity eSports team and will be able to get an education while doing what he loves the most, playing video games.

We attempted to get a quote from Brian but he was too busy laughing in his mom’s face about how wrong see was.


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