Long Beach-

LoL features the best of the best when it comes to competitive gaming and to be one of those featured players, you need to know what you are doing behind that controller.

One thing most of those featured gamers take for granted is the ability to even hold a controller.

Peter Brown, age 26, has been making a name for himself after playing in eSports tournaments all over the world. The kicker about Brown is, he has no arms and is able to master the controller only using his mouth.

“It’s crazy that he can play without hands but to be honest, it is kind of gross to watch someone slobber all over their controller like that. I had to play against him once and after the match the controller was so soaked in spit I almost threw up.” said eSports play Zun Jin

It will be fun to follow Brown and see how far he can take his talents. Just hope that if you ever follow him in  tourney, you don’t have to use his controller.

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