New York-

Gamer Kevin Wade showed a bit of unsportsmanlike behavior this weekend at the ESL One New York tournament. During a match Wade got so frustrated he actually went up to the console and restarted it causing his team to not only lose but get disqualified from the entire tourney.

Zun Wang was on the team Wade was playing against and had this to say.

“Such an unprofessional move from him, we are adults here, not children. We play at a pro level and he was just being a baby, restarting the game is something little kids do then go cry in their bedroom. If you can’t take a loss like a man don’t play in this league, go button smash your controller, drink mountain dew, and do that shit in your mom’s basement if you want to play like that. If you want to play on the level we play on, act like you deserve to be there at least.” said Wang

It is unclear if Wade will continue to play on a professional level, he was to bitter to give us a statement.

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