It has been lately revealed that the Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un is a great fan of the massively famous game League of Legends. Despite the fact that his country is isolated completely from the rest of the world, the North Korean head of state seems to be enjoying playing online in the Korean and North American servers. The source wanted to remain anonymous due to security reasons; however he has released further details. Kim Jong Un seems to be stuck in Bronze 2 and can’t get out of it. “My teammates are so bad, all of them are boosted or have bought accounts, I can’t carry 1 v 9 every game” the North Korean leader has said when he got frustrated. Since he’s a leader in real life it is expected that his favorite role is ADC and his favorite champion is Vayne. His 2nd and 3rd most favorite champions are (you guessed it) Yasuo and Riven because he can 1 v 9.

To everyone’s surprise he also follows the international professional League of Legends scene and he’s a huge fan of Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao because he’s able to carry every scrub in his team. He hopes that RNG will win this year’s World Championship because he doesn’t want to see the South-Korean traitors SKT T1 win another championship.

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