With the world championships for League of Legends in full swing, many of us watched in awe as TSM handily defeated the flash wolves. What we weren’t prepared for, however, was Hauntzer being a productive member of his team. As Gnar, he overperformed his role by doing exactly what he was supposed to do: hit the enemy with an ability. In what can only be described as the unthinkable, he pressed R. And that made all the difference in this game, with the rest of the team flanking behind him in order to press Flash Wolves back into their base and secure the win for an actually worthy team. TSM is often the go-to for NA having a shot at bringing the trophy home from the Korean regime. Calls of BAYlieve could be heard for miles after the win, shaking Chinese residents as they stared in confusion at what they deemed a mispronounced English word. From the East to the West fans cheered at their computer screens for Hauntzer, who had been working out his index finger just for the deciding moment. But this isn’t to take away from another important member of the team. Hauntzer’s middle finger is also just as necessary, as it pressed E.

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