It has been a rough run for NA at the League of Legends World Championships, with Immortals falling out of groups days ago and a rough night for America’s dream team TSM leading to their downfall as well. Team SoloMid, as the only real team in NA, was expected to win worlds, despite no critic actually thinking so, because it seems like the obvious choice. With their godlike ability to rely on their mid laner and deal with the cockiness that is their ADC, the entire world was rooting for this team to win the final match without a single loss to their record. With no teams from NA that matter left in championship contention, many of us are choosing to cheer for other relevant teams, such as Edward Gaming, or the other prodigal team Royal Never Give Up. Many say TSM lost in champ select that fateful night. Others say they just played wrong. Still, others felt they lost in roster select. Whatever the cause, we can only hope that the matches remain exciting, even those that feature the fake Korean team Cloud9.

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