Former Dallas Cowboy quarterback turned announcer, Tony Romo has confirmed he will begin his eSports broadcasting career early next year. While Romo has zero knowledge of the sport, he has surprised critics with his football broadcasting and has told us he wants to branch out in different fields and see if he is capable of being a dual threat behind the microphone.

“I told my manager I had the broadcasting bug and wanted to continue to call sports once the NFL season was over. I told him I’d love to call another sport and he got back to me and said the only opening was in eSports so I jumped on the opportunity!” said Romo

Romo is confident he will figure out the sport and be able to bring some excitement to the sport behind the booth.

“To be honest I have no idea what the sport is and how it is played but I am eager to find out and call some great matches. As long as it isn’t cricket or some other weird game I should be good. So how many players are on a team and how do you score points? Wait, it’s a league circled around video games? Awhh f**k I didn’t know that, I never played a video game in my life. I did see that one video game based off of me were I throw interceptions on the computer box, is it like that? I think I’m in over my head here guys.” said Romo


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